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Part of staying true to our mission, to raising our puppies on a curriculum, to honoring and being the voice of our puppies, our overall beliefs in how our puppies should be raised, is evaluating our puppies temperament at the appropriate age with an appropriate evaluation technique.


Each puppy has individual, unique personality traits that do not start to become apparent until 6 weeks of age. This is another reason curriculum raising is such an important step in watching each puppies strengths, weaknesses, how they interact with the world, and more. We utilize this time to take notes of each puppy and include this in our final evaluation scores.


We perform Temperament evaluations at 7.5 weeks for Moyens/Standards and 8.5 weeks for Minis. Puppy Selections do not take place until Go Home Day at 8 weeks for standards/moyens and 9 weeks for minis. Each family will be given access to a video of each of the puppy's evaluations as well as access to each puppy's evaluation sheet prior to selection.


We utilize the Empowered Breeder Puppy Aptitude Test as well as our knowledge of the puppies as a guide in helping families find the perfect match for their lifestyle and needs. We feel selecting a puppy solely based on looks alone can be a HUGE mistake! We are confident in the methods we use! Daneesha is a Certified Tier 2 Puppy Evaluator for the Empowered Breeder Puppy Aptitude Test which means she has taken classes and has been certified that she can evaluate puppies and properly help place the puppies in homes where they can thrive. Communicating the desired traits and obstacles with each family. We have personally witnessed the success in curriculum raising our puppies, honoring their voice through our evaluations, and have successfully matched numerous doods with their families because of this! Our doods are changing lives everyday from family pets, to emotional support animals, all the way to facility and service dogs. You'll have to see for yourself just how special they are.​

Once you meet a BD4U Dood you'll know, your life will be forever changed..

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