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Value of owning a dog

Having a dog is amazing. They give you love and affection, friendship, an excuse to get outside and be healthy, and so much entertainment.


The Huffington Post names 10 health benefits to having a dog. also has 10 benefits you probably never thought of before. Time has some research done about the benefits of owning a dog.

And, while I know you could have Googled “benefits of having a dog” just as easily as I did, I just wanted to point out that I’m not the only one that thinks there is incredible value in simply owning a dog.


Value of a BD4U Dog

Beautiful Doodles 4 U dogs are extra special in many, many ways. When adopting one into your family, you will be sure to experience unending benefits.

We have been very intentional about the dogs we breed, paying close attention to temperament and personality as well as health.


Our dogs are spoiled rotten and get top quality food, veterinary care, and grooming. We have a great fenced in dog yard where they can play, run, and just be dogs. We also have a special dedicated room that is just for our adult dogs to relax in a doggy getaway (sometimes they just need a break from all the crazy Jonescu kids).

Our puppies are brought up in our home and are well trained and socialized.


Every puppy goes home with their first shots completed, dewormed, and vet checked. We send them home with essential gear and supplies, as well as all the education and support the new puppy owner needs.

When you take home a Beautiful Doodles 4 U dog, you become a part of a close knit BD4U Family of dog lovers that share a passion for these incredible doods.

A ton of time, research, investment, and love is put into every one of our puppies. The privileged of adopting a BD4U puppy is very special.

Here is a link to a great article found on Good Dog. What actually goes into the cost of a puppy from a reputable breeder?


Now that I’ve shared the incredible value that goes into our amazing puppies, I’d be happy to tell you about our pricing.


All Puppies are sold on a strict Pet Only Spay/Neuter Contract!

If you desire a puppy for breeding we will consider that option with an additional investment from you and on an approved breeding program.

*** 2022 Pricing***

Applies to ANY puppy born in 2022

Standard/Moyen/Multigen Goldendoodles $2800.00

Mini Goldendoodles $3200.00

Standard Bernedoodles $3800.00

BD4U Flight Nanny: 

West Coast: $500 + Airfare for Flight Nanny & Puppy

East Coast: $500 + Airfare for Flight Nanny & Puppy + hotel room

(we often use an outside transport company for East Coast Families to keep costs lower for our BD4U Families)

Your puppy will ride in cabin with a personal escort usually Brandon or Daneesha or a BD4U designated puppy transporter. This includes the fee for the Nanny and plane ticket for nanny and puppy. 

***Should BD4U need to use an outside puppy transport service the fee may be different than stated above. BD4U will discuss with you prior to booking travel plans***





























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