Prepare To Take My BD4U Puppy Home

1. Order your dog food​-


Life's Abundance- Small/Medium Breed Puppy

**Moyen/Standard Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles**

Hill's Science Diet- Puppy Small Bites 

**Mini Goldendoodles ONLY**

LA Puppy.png
Science Diet.jpg

2. Order your Nuvet supplements!


We LOVE these! They are FDA approved and something your dog can stay on their entire life! You can set up on autoship and not worry about remembering to order.


3. Make final payment arrangements!

Final Payment is due on Wednesday before Go Home Day if paying any way other than cash!



  • Cash

  • Payment Center on Website (Fee is included)

  • Zelle- 520-840-5052 ***PREFERRED***

  • Transfer into my Wells Fargo Account

Account #7534011551 

Routing-Direct Deposits, electronic payments #122105278 

Wire Transfer - domestic #121000248





***2022 Pricing***

Standard/Moyen Goldendoodles $2300.00 DUE AFTER $500 RESERVATION FEE

Standard/Moyen Bernedoodles $3300.00 DUE AFTER $500 RESERVATION FEE


Standard/Moyen Goldendoodles $2020.00 DUE AFTER $500 RESERVATION FEE

Standard Bernedoodles $2920.00 DUE AFTER $500 RESERVATION FEE

4. Contract and Warranty: Will be sent out to you in email via docusign, but you can review here!





5. Make a vet appointment within 3 days of bringing home your puppy per the contract. 

Failure to have puppy well checked within 3 days will result in Health Warranty/Guarantee being voided!

  • You are asking for a new puppy wellness exam! No shots needed!





6. Time to join our private BD4U Group comprised of other BD4U dog owners. 

  • We share, ask and offer advice, set up play dates, schedule doodle romps, training classes and so much more!




7. Log In to your Baxter & Bella Lifetime Membership Training if you opted in!




​8. Puppy Must Haves!​​



9. Have you puppy proofed your house? Are you caught up on sleep?

  • You will have a baby in the house soon and the first few weeks can be tough on everyone. Please remember to reduce the stress for the puppy. The first 3 days do not go anywhere except the vet. Never wake your puppy. They need lots of sleep and time to adjust. 



10. Puppy Care Go Home Packet! Tips and Tricks to bringing home a new puppy! 







11. Everything you need to know about the paperwork going home with your puppy!







12. How to Enter BD4U Dood Ranch






13. Directions and address to BD4U will be emailed out after vet checks are completed prior to Go Home Day

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