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We are so excited for Zazu's first litter! Zazu and Ledger are going to make beautiful well tempered puppies! Ledger is owned by Sun Valley Goldendoodles & Daisy Mountain Doodles.







Estimated Timeline:

Heat Cycle: expected April 2023

Pregnancy Confirmation: 

Estimated Due Date: 

Estimated Go Home: August 2023


Ledger is 21 lbs and stands 17" tall at the shoulders and Ruby is 20 lbs and stands 14" tall at the shoulders. We expect these puppies to fall somewhere between their parents' sizes. Each puppy will come with their own Embark genetic test which predicts adult size based on their DNA, but please make sure to keep in mind that Embark does typically overestimates on predicted weight.

Coat & Color Traits

Brown, Brown Merle, Brown Sable, Brown Sable Merle, Brown Tan Point, Brown Tan Point Merle

 Wavy or Curly Coats 

Genetically Fully Furnished (fluffy face and hair)

Health & Temperament

Each puppy will receive an Embark DNA profile around 6 weeks old, and temperament tested around 7.5 weeks old.  Information about parents health and temperament can be found below.

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