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What is a Guardian Home

A Guardian Home is an excellent, low cost way to have a top-quality puppy as a family pet. Because we are a small family run business we do not have, nor do we want a kennel-based program. Since we cannot house all of our breeding dogs here at home, we are offering the BD4U Guardian Home Program for our potential breeding dogs. We want our breeding dogs to be raised in caring loving homes as family pets. As a BD4U Guardian Home you agree to raise, train and care for a dog throughout their entire breeding career and then potentially their retired life also. When you are chosen to be part of the BD4U Guardian-Home Program, we will place you with a pick of the litter puppy at approximately 8 weeks old through adult. You will pay for all normal cost of the care and medical expenses of raising a family pet. BD4U will pay for all reproductive testing for your puppy between ages 12-18 months and anything related to Breeding.

What are the benefits of the Guardian Home Program?

Being a guardian home for our breeding puppies has many benefits, as well as responsibilities. We strive for a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and our guardian homes. You will receive one of the best puppies we can produce or a 'pick of the litter' puppy from another breeder from which we purchase the puppy. We look for quality structures, coats, and personalities in all the dogs we buy to become one of our breeding dogs. Also, we do provide twelve training sessions at Mak Pack dog training and lifetime support for each of these puppies as we want them to be the best they can be.


Click on PDF below to view our Guardian Home Contract


Do you LOVE Our Mission and want to join in on Changing Lives One Dood at a time?

Can you be away from your female for about 9-12 weeks per year?

Do you live within 1.5hr driving distance from 85128?

Have you read over and agree with our Guardian Home Contract?

Are all family members on board with bringing in a new puppy/dog?

Can you devote time to train your new puppy in basic obedience?

Did you answer YES to ALL of these?

If you did, you sound like a great fit for our Guardian Home Program and we need YOU! Apply below!

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