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How much is the reservation fee?

We take a $500 non-refundable reservation fee via our website or Zelle with an approved application and signed Reservation Agreement.


What colors do you breed for?

At Beautiful Doodles 4 U our focus is health and temperament first, therefore we do not breed for any specific color or patterns.

Do you dock tails & dew claws?

We do not dock tails or remove dew claws.

Do you give the puppies their first shot ?

Our veterinarian administers the first 5 in 1 vaccine, Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv (Parvo, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Adenovirus Type 1 and Adenovirus Type 2) at around 7-8 weeks of age. If we hold on to puppies after 8 weeks, we administer vaccines every 4 weeks after their initial dose.

Will My Puppy Come From Health Tested Parents?

All BD4U puppies come from health tested parents as health and temperament are our top priority! All of our breeding dogs are tested for the following prior to be entered into our breeding program: OFA Prelim Hips at 12mo or PennHip at or after 16wks OFA Prelim Elbows at 12mo OFA Eyes after 16wks OFA Final Heart at 12mo OFA Final Patella (Minis) at 12mo Genetic Panel

Will My Puppy Be Seen By A Licensed Veterinarian Prior To My Puppy Coming Home?

Absolutely! Our puppies receive a head to tail physical exam the Wednesday of Go Home week. All of our puppies will be cleared for Go Home prior to leaving our home. You will receive documentation of this visit to provide to your Veterinarian.

Will My Puppy Be Dewormed?

Our puppies and dams are dewormed several times before going to their new homes. We deworm with Fenbendazole and Toltrazuril. These products cover a variety of parasites. BD4U performs a fecal test between 6-7 weeks and are treated accordingly. Even with our strict deworming process puppies can still have parasites which is VERY common in puppies. BD4U cannot guarantee your puppy will be parasite free and we do recommend to do routine fecals and deworming your puppy as recommended by your Veterinarian. Should we receive a positive fecal test your puppy will be sent home with any remaining medications needed as well as our Puppy Parasite Kit which includes probiotics, pumpkin, and chlorohexidine shampoo. Please remember parasites are very common in puppies, stress and sudden changes like leaving mom and littermates can activate parasites that live dormant in dogs GI tract. BD4U sends home a fecal sample collection kit with each puppy.

Are puppies microchipped before going home?

Absolutely! All BD4U puppies are microchipped by our Veterinarian prior to going home. The microchip is implanted under the skin between the shoulders. BD4U registers each puppy's microchip with your contact information after you have selected your puppy on Go Home Day.

Will My Puppy Be Raised On A Curriculum?

ABSOLUTELY! All BD4U puppies are raised on the Badass Breeder/Empowered Breeder Curriculum. We raise puppies the Badass Breeder Way by empowering puppies to believe in their own abilities! We carefully follow the developmental benchmarks and introduce the puppies to outside stimuli as they are developmentally ready. Beginning at just 3 days old our puppies begin Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) as well as daily handling that is safe and gentle, daily weights, daily linen change. Beginning at 3 weeks old our puppies begin curriculum, exposing each puppy to new textures, sights, and sounds while puppies feel safe and secure in their whelping box. At 4 weeks old our puppies venture out of the whelping box into our curriculum room where they are exposed to more textures, things to climb on, items that move, items to chew on, tunnels, balance boards, obstacles and much more! At 5 weeks old our puppies are able to venture outside into our outdoor curriculum area. We ensure each puppy is empowered not enabled leaving BD4U knowing the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.

Will My Puppy Be Exposed To Handling To Build Touch Tolerance?

YES! Each puppy is handled daily using Badass Breeders "10 Step Puppy Massage" or what we like to call "10 Step Touch" which exposes each puppy to safe and calm handling to build touch tolerance in our puppies.

When Will My Puppy Be Able To Go Out Of My Home Without Having To Do All 4 Off The Floor?

Your puppy cannot touch the floor outside of your home/yard until the puppy is fully vaccinated at 16 weeks. Our Veterinarian recommends waiting two weeks after last round of puppy vaccines.

I'm going out of town soon, can you watch my puppy?

Unfortunately, we are not able to board puppies or older dogs. I have to keep as sterile an environment as possible. If you take a dog off of my property and it picks up a worm, parasite or contagious disease and brings it back here, it puts our new puppies at risk.

Are your puppies exposed to cats?

No we do not have cats at BD4U as Daneesha is severely allergic.

What should I bring when I pick up my puppy?

If you're traveling a short distance, you're probably fine just bringing a friend to hold the puppy. If you're traveling long distance, I'd bring a crate with towels on the bottom, some toys for the puppy to chew on, paper towels, baby wipes and a garbage bag. Sometimes puppies get car sick and you want a way to clean it up.

Can you hold on to my puppy longer than 8 weeks?

We require all puppies to be picked up by 8 weeks. We expect you to plan your life around the addition of this new puppy. We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone who cannot pick up their puppy by 8 weeks. We will board a puppy for a maximum of two night on a case by case basis. If we are able to board the cost is $40 per night and you must pay for the puppy in full by 8 weeks of age.

Does BD4U Temperament Test?

ABSOLUTELY! Beginning at 6 weeks old we watch each puppy as they progress over the course of our daily curriculum and activities, taking notes each day. Between 50-53 days we begin the Badass Breeder Puppy Aptitude Test or BAB PAT to assess individual temperaments and stable traits. Each puppy goes through individual evaluations that are recorded. Each family will receive every puppies recorded evaluation video along with a scorecard. We believe in giving our puppies a voice and honoring each puppy during our placement process. We target 12 traits to focus on during our evaluations: Assertiveness Confidence Motivation Level Nerve Strength Touch Tolerance Energy Level Sound Sensitivity Sight Sensitivity Prey Drive Human Focus Tenderhearted Dog Friendliness

Does BD4U Select My Puppy For Me?

No! We believe it is extremely important for each family to select their own puppy. We will provide feedback and help guide in your selection, but ultimately the selection is yours to make. If there is a puppy that you select that we do not feel will honor the puppy in his/her needs we will let the family know and will recommend to select a different puppy or wait for a future litter.

How Can I Select My Puppy?

Puppy selections can be done in person on Go Home Day or via phone/zoom. We do encourage each family to select in person if at all possible as we like to be able to witness that perfect match!

How Does BD4U's Selection Process Work?

Puppy Selections take place on Go Home Day at 8 weeks after all puppies have been cleared for Go Home by our Veterinarian. Go Home Day is scheduled on the Saturday the puppies turn 8 weeks for Standards and Moyens and 9 weeks for Minis. Each family will be given a 30 minute time slot on Go Home Day. During your 30 minute time slot you are able to meet any puppy that is available and we will discuss which puppy will meet your needs based on the information you provide/have provided.

What Happens If There Is Not A Puppy That Fits My Needs/Desires During Go Home Day?

If during your 30 minute selection time there is not a puppy that fits your needs/desires your name will remain on our Master List for a future litter. We are dedicated to honoring our puppies and our families, we do not want you to select a puppy that will not fit your family.


Does BD4U Ship Puppies Cargo?

BD4U does not ship puppies via cargo ever! No exceptions!

Does BD4U Offer Transport?

Yes! BD4U will transport your puppy in cabin. Our Flight Nanny service is $500.00 plus the cost of a roundtrip airline ticket for our in cabin flight nanny as well as a $100 one way airline ticket for the puppy.


What Food Will My Puppy Come Home On?

BD4U feeds Life's Abundance Small/Medium Breed Puppy Food. This food is processed in small batches and cannot be found in stores. Life's Abundance ships your puppy's food straight to your front door. You can order your puppy's food at ​ You will need to order your puppy's food prior to Go Home Day. Shipping typically takes 2-3 days. BD4U will send each puppy home with a sample bag that is enough for one day. If you plan on switching your puppy's food we ask that you wait 9 weeks. When switching food we recommend slowly switching over a period of 9 days. 3 days 75% Life's Abundance + 25% New Food 3 days 50% Life's Abundance + 50% New Food 3 days 75% New Food + 25% Life's Abundance Day 10 100% New Food

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