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Beautiful Doodles 4 U is proud to raise our puppies the Empowered Badass Breeder Way! As an Empowered Badass Breeder, we are committed to empowering our dogs and giving them a voice. We honor, respect, and take responsibility for every puppy we breed. We raise them on curriculum that aligns with development stages, laying a foundation that the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly. Daneesha is honored to volunteer her time helping Jeanette with Badass Breeder.




1. Plan Litters - Have a goal, focus, and mission. Do not overpopulate, only meet demand with supply.

2. Parent Standards - Breed only health, temperament, and structure-tested parents. Do not overbreed or breed dogs that fail to meet these standards. Choose breeding pairs that accentuate each other in health and temperament.

3. Parent Care - Honor and respect your dams and sires at all times to keep them healthy and happy. Provide a safe, enriching environment with highquality vet care, living quarters, food etc.

4. Puppy Curriculum - Provide a structured curriculum to ensure that puppies learn the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly.

5. Puppy Development - Guide, shape, and mold puppies based upon critical learning periods, constantly evaluating and adjusting, to strengthen confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery. Empower pups to be the best they can be. Do not enable them.

6. Puppy Evaluations - Evaluate puppies after 49 days old and provide information on all puppies to clients to ensure the best match is made. After clients have reviewed all veterinarian health check records and Badass Breeder temperament records and videos, then and only then let clients choose the puppy that best suits their needs as well as the puppy’s needs. Guide and help as needed, even if that means you make the match.

7. Lifetime Responsibility - Take 100% responsibility for every puppy you produce for the entirety of its life and provide a minimum two-year contract. Most genetic issues do not develop in the first year of a dog’s life, so be fair.

8. Client Community - Educate your clients, both new and old, and build a cohesive, active community. Be open to feedback, both positive and negative.

9. Love - Love your dogs, love your puppies, love your clients, and change the stigma. Be “badass” or stop breeding.

10. Your Mission: Stay true to the reason why you breed. Help others and make sure you have fun and enjoy the journey!

Let’s change the world and heal hearts and save lives through the power of a dog. Together, we are better.

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