Who Are We & What We Do


Beautiful Doodles 4 U was born out of a need to have access to Doodles. Our family began an organization called Heeling Heroes, a 501c3 non profit. Heeling Heroes provided service dogs to Veterans, First Responders and others with PTSD/TBI. Because many of our veterans return home with breathing problems we found the DOODLE to be a perfect fit since they have limited shedding and dander. As we searched for these special dogs we found them to be out of Heeling Heroes budget since we depend solely on donations. Since a golden retriever was already part of the family we purchased an AKC Standard Poodle named Bentley to breed with Callie (retired). Heeling Heroes closed down it's doors in June of 2020 due to lack of funding. Beautiful Doodles 4 U still donates puppies for service work through Molly's Purpose! We are so very excited for the opportunity to give back to those who are in need of a service dog, as well as serving our community through facility and therapy dogs. Beautiful Doodles 4 U is dedicated to Changing Lives One DOOD At A Time! 

It's always hard to know when you are investing money to accept a new member of the family if the breeder is reputable and provide a quality puppy. We want to assure you that Beautiful Doodles 4 U takes pride in the puppies available from us. Our Sires and Dams have been genetically tested and have been evaluated with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)/ PennHip. We want to assure our new families we take every precaution to eliminate potential problems in the future. Our litters are raised inside our home with 5 children and other pets.


Come take a look at where BD4U puppies are raised! 


From the 3rd day of birth to the 16th day each puppy is introduced to the Super Dog Bio Sensory Program (Early Neurological Stimulation).  This program stimulates each puppy to be calmer in stressful situations though various techniques. We believe this program gives each family a puppy that is a better puppy and a better adult. See video below to learn more about the Super Dog Bio Sensory Program (ENS). We do Early Scent Introduction (ESI) in addition to ENS. ESI enhances each puppies' ability to identify and react to specific scents. Each puppy is introduced to 1 new scent each day for a total of 13 new scents. ESI helps build nose awareness as well as helps build confidence and stability in each puppy. 



Additionally, we raise all of our puppies whether they will be going home as a family pet, ESA/Therapy/Service work on the Empowered Breeder Advanced Curriculum.  See video below on a brief example of just one thing we do with our puppies. 

We perform Temperament Evaluations at day 50-53 to help to match our potential new owners lifestyle, personality, and needs to their new puppy.

Since we perform Temperament evaluations on days 50-53 we do not allow puppy selections until Go Home Day at 8 weeks for standards/moyens and 9 weeks for minis. You will be given access to a video of each of the puppy's evaluations as well as access to each puppy's evaluation sheet prior to selection. 

We do not allow our puppies to go home prior to 8/9 weeks old no exceptions! 


We require a completed and approved application and a non-refundable reservation fee of $500 to hold your position to choose your puppy. For more information on our process please go to "How To Get A Puppy" page.

When placing a reservation with BD4U, you are not reserving a specific BD4U puppy, you are furthering our mission by making a commitment to Beautiful Doodles 4 U. You are entrusting me as your breeder to provide you with a puppy of exceptional quality. Please note that I do not breed for color. I breed specifically for health and temperament. Therefore, I cannot guarantee any coloring. I will give my best estimation on coloring but there is no guarantee. I am telling you this to be 100% transparent as your breeder of integrity.

We will not cargo ship our puppies but we do have a In Cabin-Puppy Flight Nanny.  The cost of shipping depends on flights available. The sooner we can book the flight the better. 

All puppies are vet checked and cleared prior to leaving our home. All puppies will have had their first set of shots (given at 7-8 weeks) before going home, de-wormed, as well as microchipped fully registered to AKC Reunite. 

ALL BD4U puppies come with a 2 year Health Guarantee against serious life-threatening genetic disease.  


We look forward to answering any questions you may have. Feel free to call or email us.

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Thank you for your interest. 

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